Ryuuko, also known as Ryuu, Cameron, Cam, and many other names, is a member of the Tales forums. His posts can frequently be seen in Tales Series Discussion, as well as most of the other Tales forums. Ryuuko is also a decent signature maker; his work can be found in the Signature and Avatar forum. Ryuuko now more frequently posts in General Discussion. Though his name is also Cameron he is not to be confused with either Sataka, otherwise known as Camera satacus, or Taiyz.

The nickname Ryuu was originally coined by Mana Phoenix and ~Kaz, but was stolen by a few other members of the forum, and eventually became his username until he changed it back. Ryuuko is also known for making typos frequently, typing random letters when frustrated, and excessive use of the Tilde symbol, Shinryu's ellipsis, and shifty eyes. He has also lately been seen around Omega Origin (aka Daniel), whom he has befriended.

In September 2007, Ryuuko was appointed moderator, along with two other users.

Ryuuko is known to talk about school, a lot. He currently attends University, where he is a Nursing major, with plans to become a Nurse Anesthetist in the future.  He is openly gay.

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