Random Insanity, also known as RI, was a series of threads without a specific topic and in which anything could be said and done (within limits of the rules, of course). The first few were especially comprised of meaningless spam, but eventually grew towards semi-coherent events being roleplayed and some random discussions. The series survived seven generations before being permanently locked. The series survived seven generations, of which the first six are still available to viewing.

Random Insanity is widely regarded as being useless spam and only useful for increasing one's Post Count, much like Forum Games, even by former frequenters of the topics. Nonetheless, it is generally recognized that the first iteration is the better one, and that those that followed were desperate (and failed) attempts to bring RI back to its former glory. Every RI topic was eventually shut down, mostly due to excessive spam and eDrama.

The eDrama that dealt the fatal blow was caused by DGL having a crisis over something Luc said, as the two were going out at the time. The massive storm that followed was eventually ironed out thanks to the efforts of the then sympathetic members, but the damage had been done. Within a day, RI was permanently locked, as was the WLW thread.

There was a lesser spin-off known as the Boarding House created in Forum Games, later moved to the Role-Play forums, which ended up being much more exclusive. It, too, was shut down for reasons of eDrama.