Rain Ýdalir, formerly known as MaevenDawn, is a Canadian member of the forums who does not limit herself to one specific board. However, she is most often sighted either lurking in General Discussion, the Fan Art forums, or in Forum Games, where she fangirls over Luke fon Fabre, Asch, Senel Coolidge, Keele Zeibel, Reid Hershel, Cless Alvein, and a myriad of other Tales characters. She enjoys expressing her lust for these characters via such similes as "I'd hit Cless like the fist of an angry god".

Rain is known for drawing weird things, usually involving stick people, in MS Paint. Because of this, she is considered responsible for the drama that resulted in the permanent banning of GyppyGirl2021: essentially, Rain drew an unnecessarily large stick-figure picture of the various Tales characters found in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, in which she drew a happy Stan Aileron beside a blushing Leon Magnus with "LOL STANXLEON" beneath it. Gyppy became enraged, posted her fifth "goodbye" topic, spammed up the StanxLeon thread, and was banned. Shortly after she created her epic stick-figure drawing, Rain was coerced by Curimuch into actually joining the StanxLeon fanclub. She is not the only member who has met such a fate at Curi's hands; CloudXSword17, for instance, is another Curi-victim.

Rain happily returns the love expressed by Shalafai, and currently has 1200 Curi points.

In addition to Paint-artistry, Rain is fond of the bands Mae, Coldplay and Our Lady Peace, and she cosplays as Tales characters, with an extensive list of future plans for such. She is Heathen (Nordic religion) with strong Wiccan influence, but doesn't talk about this much. She has a habit of deliberately using incorrect or nonexistent verb conjugations, or misspellings of certain words (ie. "I gots to go" or "I has a page nao"), and ends many of her sentences with an emoticon of some sort (shifty-eyes or <3 are preferred). She also likes to use the word 'Whoo' to express happiness, insanity, randomness, or all three. Rain is generally easygoing, and finds it difficult to dislike anyone. She also has an extremely strange sense of humour, which she expresses primarily through her odd drawings and picture-edits, or through usage of the Caps Lock key (her favourite key on the keyboard, by admission).

She is also an active member of the Keele Zeibel fanclub.

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