Piro is a Tales forum user who is best known for doing something stupid and then accusing everyone of hating him. He hates MoogleEXE and believes that everyone on Skype follows him.[citation needed]

Captain Velocity was and is one of his friends.

Reason for hatred Edit

Many people dislike Piro, and he, too, dislikes several of the regular members, including but not limited to:

  • MasterT, for constantly owning him in arguments. However, hostilities have ceased, as both of them have come to avoid each other;
  • _outlaw, for the same reasons as MasterT;
  • MoogleEXE, whom he hates most, for the same reasons as MasterT as well as for his past relationships with Jazz;
  • Sludgey, for a bizarre reason: during MoogleEXE's and Jazz's relationship, Piro attempted to woo Courtney (Sludgey) to make Jazz jealous. However, this plan backfired, because Courtney had no feelings for Piro and rejected his attempts. Angered by his failures, he began to resent Courtney.

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