_outlaw is a Tales forum member who, despite only having played Tales of Symphonia and never having beaten it, remains active. Some, like ShikonSoulreaper and Renegade of Life, believe that all he knows how to do is flame.[1] When he first joined, he put in his signature "Under Construction: Pictures due Fall 2007" and later added "**** you Sataka" when Sataka did the same. He never bothered to remove that addition until fall 2007, when The Paper made him a signature. It is commonly speculated that _outlaw never had any intentions to stay until fall 2007 and put it in as a joke.

_outlaw is a real life friend of MasterT and the long banned member xris?, the former being responsible for _outlaw joining in the first place.

Oh, and he sucks at chess.[citation needed]

References Edit

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