Nali, also known as Luc, Frog and Sam, was a member of the Tales forum well-known to the veteran Tales forum users for the eDrama that he caused due to his promiscuity. He has long left the forum, though he did post again to clear up a rumour regarding himself.

While he is also called Sam, it should be noted that he is not the same user as Jimmy the Exploder.

Relationships Edit

Nali is well known for his former promiscuity on the Tales forums. He had relationships with many users on the Tales forums, both male and female, and tended to provoke eDrama and hurting the people he was dating. According to himself, he has realized the injuries he has caused others and renounced to this lifestyle.[1]

The list of people Nali with whom Nali has had a relationship or on whom he has had a crush is immense. It includes but is not limited to:[citation needed]

Alleged suicide Edit

One June 5, 2007, Sataka posted a topic claiming that Nali had committed suicide.[2] He had been contacted by an unknown person claiming to be his mother through Nali's old MSN account. Many users were skeptical; the situation held many similarities to MoogleEXE's faked suicide attempt, in which he posted on the forums after the alleged suicide, pretending to be his own mother.

Nali, himself, confirmed, on July 18, 2007, that the rumour was neither true nor an attention whoring stunt.[3] It is believed that the whole incident was a prank orchestrated by an unknown party to exact revenge on Nali.

References Edit

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