Melty Blood: ReACT, abbreviated as MBR, is the second installment of the Melty Blood (メルティブラッド), or "merubura" (メルブラ), series. It is a Japanese fighting game based off the H-novel Tsukihime, though the game itself does not include any explicit content. Although it originally did not have any Internet capabilities, the Melty Blood NetPlay and Hamachi programs now allow two people fight each other online (Melty Blood ReACT: Final Tuned is required for these functions).

During the beginning of 2007, several Tales members became interested in it. Thus was the Melty Blood ReACT Tournament topic created. However, due to various circumstances, such as time conflicts and "desync" problems (de-synchronization of the participants' game clients), the tournament was a failure.

Notable MomentsEdit

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