The Hello and Goodbye forum is a section of the forum used for greeting new members or inform others of intended absences. It is an excellent place to increase Post Count.

Topics in this forum are most commonly created by people whom you will never see again. If a topic in this forum arises from a member of General Discussion, it is usually a joke topic about how they are going to leave forever. It's acceptable, at this point, to flame them, because everyone knows that GD members will never leave for good. It is to be noted, however, that regular users often disguise their topic announcing a temporary leave as an announcement of permanent leave. This topic is one particularly successful example.

The Hello and Goodbye forum is also well-known for having topics called "I'm Back" as the subject and its variants. The person posting the topic generally has less than 100 posts and expects people to remember them. Sadly enough, a whole lot of people do.

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