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General Discussion, also known as GD by some users, is the place to post anything that is not covered in the other boards, especially Tales Series information. Noobs often mistake this as the place to go to ask for release dates or ask for the solution of a puzzle, despite this information being widely available on various gaming sites. Most threads here have nothing to do with anything or are threads venting anger at the previously-stated fact that the threads, there, have nothing to do with anything. A thread concerning clothing, food, or pets is required monthly and goes to the quickest poster to be put into their Post Count.

GyppyGirl2021 had been known for using this forum nearly as a personal blog. Presently, the POSITIVES, NEGATIVES AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN FICKRAKEN has taken on the role of a mini-blog for many other users.

Birthday Threads Edit

Due to the importance of internet relations, everyone gets a birthday thread, even those who are not members of the Tales forums. Some simply give their best wishes in the topic, but others have taken it upon themselves to reply with a macro. Here is a list of the macros and their users (click on the images to see them in full size):

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