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EEVILMURRAY (commonly referred to as EEVIL) is a Tales forum user regarded as the representative of Great Britain, and thereby says things such as gringo, crisps, tea, jolly and shag. Most Americans are not fully capable of grasping the true meaning of his particular language, a fact that he uses to his advantage (such as in his use of words like bollocks to express his disapproval of a subject). He is proud of the fact that he is most likely the first British, perhaps even European, member of the forum, due to his penchant for importing games.

Often regarded as one of the most negative members of the forum, EEVILMURRAY has plagued many a topic with his sarcastic and cynical opinions, which have been a source of humour for many other members. He is quite a rebellious maverick, having gone against many members, including staff on numerous occasions, and holds an unprecedented victory record. He is the founder of La Revolución, which has waged many sarcastic battles against recent crazes.

Many people wonder what EEVIL's name and age truly are, but few actually know. However, it is known that he is one of the forum's oldest members in terms of biological age, which is reflected in how he mentions video games and television programmes which may have not been around during some of the other member's lives, some not having even heard of the media forms mentioned by him. Nonetheless, his knowledge and logic seem limitless.

EEVILMURRAY is skilled in the ways of art; The Project is arguably his most famous work. He is also known for using this talent, especially through MSPaint, to express his cynical opinions, which have been considered rather humorous.

Known as a god in the kitchen, he has created threads known far and wide, such as EEAT with EEVIL in an attempt to enlighten the culinary challenged. These threads are known to be a disgusting yet clever source of knowledge for both in and out of the kitchen. EEVIL is also known for saving the pictures posted in the Post your picture and comment thread in his "vault". It was rumored that he sold the pictures to various people online until he confirmed it.

He is also known as a god in the bedroom and claims to have an absolute rate of satisfaction.

EEVIL has recently confirmed that he "trancends space and time, as well as most objects commonly found at hardware stores."[sic] He does this by riding a golden lawn mower with flames painted on the side so it would look like it was going so fast that it caught on fire (which it has done several times).

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