CovertSushi, also known by several synonyms for either word, is the greatest piece of fish on the forums, full of epic and pwnsomeness, whose signature and avatar defy space and time by having been there before they even existed. He was responsible for making Abicion into a Japanese Schoolgirl in the April Fools' Day thread, and posting hawtsecks pictures in the Post your picture thread. Insert a RoL reference and you're done. He also strongly believes in There Are No Girls On the Internet.

Being the gifted swimmer he is, this delicious specimen has females oogling at his well-toned body at a flattering rate. However, he still manages to make at least three hours of his day dedicated to the forum he loves (you now have three guesses as to what forum that is). His well-developed pectorals are prime examples of moobs, however the size of them is detracted when he wears clothing (not very often).

I have a big crush on CovertSushi.. <333 You're so cool, smart, awesome, and everything..! <3333

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