Caramelpopcorn, typically called Caramel, Keren, or some affectionate derivative thereof, is a moderator at the Tales forum with a strange penchant for usernames pertaining to delicious snack foods. Once known as one of the kindest and most playful of members, Caramel has unfortunately become inactive as the years have worn on, due in large part to her desire to perform well in school. Even so, however, a number of members continue to await her return, hoping that she will again grace the boards with her happy-go-lucky attitude. Despite the unwavering desire to see her come back, few attempts have been made to retrieve her from her world of sugary goodness.

Assumed dead.

Fortunately, Lunar has handed over the keys to NonToxic, allowing for fun to be had by all in lieu of the real deal. He then took back the keys after NonToxic crashed the forums into a tree.

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